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Check your internet speed any time by installing Speed Test Ace. Get a handy speed test extension on your New Tab, along with custom web search.


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Open a New Tab & check your Internet Speed


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About Speed Test Ace

Speed Test Ace is a definitive way to test your internet connection’s speed and performance. It’s superfast speed assessment and analysis makes it an extremely handy tool to have on your New Tab. A frequent internet speed check is always recommended and we hope that the data provided, helps make your internet browsing experience smoother


Not getting the speed your service provider promised?

Don't take your internet service provider's word for it. Test it yourself, in seconds and get the full worth of every penny you pay for your internet service. Running an internet speed test is also a great way of verifying whether it’s your internet or computer speed that is slow.


How fast is your upload & download speed?

Test your internet connection bandwidth with Speed Test Ace and understand your net speed better. Simply install Speed Test Ace, open a new tab and run a broadband or wifi speed test: check the upload, download and ping speeds of your internet connection!


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